Amy Sellers Art

Meet Amy

Amy Sellers was born in Lafayette, Louisiana, and has a great affection for her Cajun heritage.  

While she was still very small, her parents took a job transfer from her mother’s hometown of Thibodeaux, Louisiana, to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.  So Amy grew up in the small town of Wexford, Pennsylvania. 

Amy’s first mentor in art was her 6th grade art instructor, Al Spekis.   A young man in his first year of teaching, Mr Spekis encouraged Amy, who was still only twelve years old, to focus on drawing and painting.  

After graduating high school in Wexford in 1982, Amy headed to Tampa, Florida, where she attended the University of South Florida.  She graduated with a Fine Arts Degree.  

For the first few years after graduating, Amy focused on becoming a portrait artist while working in commercial graphic arts.

In 1995 she met and married her husband, Andrew Sellers.  While raising three little boys, Amy kept very busy painting and selling her art via the growing internet.  

In 2002, their middle son, Andrew, was diagnosed with Autism.  In an effort to help him learn the meanings of words, Amy created several rhyming stories with fun, whimsical paintings.  

When a collection of these 12 illustrated stories was completed, she put them into a children’s book, Hurray for Rhyme it’s Story Time, and started a 501(C)3 charity called the “Out of the Rain Society” assisting children and families affected by Autism.  

While selling the books to fund her charity, she was taken under the wing of the world-famous motivational speaker Les Brown.  With his help and the help of many other kind souls, Amy was successful in funding the charity.  During this time Amy also enjoyed illustrating books for other people.

In 2003 she and her family moved to a small farm in Apopka, Florida.  Once again, she focused on painting and selling her art while raising her family.  The family had a great time with farm animals and country living.  It was a magical place to raise their three young sons.

In 2011 Amy opened her first retail “brick-&-mortar” art gallery in Mount Dora, Florida.  She offered many different styles of paintings including Christian art, whimsical, abstract and sculpture.   She and Andrew took a life-changing trip to Israel in 2015. 

In 2017 she retired back to her farm in Apopka.